Egypt: The Second Revolution

 By Huda Al Hussain / Egypt Contributor for Revista Latitudes

Many people might be asking: “Why are the Egyptians revolting once again while they toppled down their president and the SCAF (The Security Council of Armed Forces) took over their country?”

Well, that’s what I thought too but, there were many indications that our first revolution didn’t just end up in 18 days for the following reasons:

–          The police refused to get down to the streets for months, after the first revolution, which made thugs and thieves spread all over the country, not only this, but it was discovered how police officers assisted thugs and released prisoners (by the old regime) to stop people and steal their possessions.

That same police and army killed, in this second peaceful revolution, more than 40 and wounded more than 4000 Egyptians, in one week. This is one of the main reasons which made people revolt once again, to stop this continuous brutality of the police which they always pursued during the old regime.

These two videos can show one side of this brutality:

–          The police and the army didn’t only kill protesters but they used a new kind of carcinogenic tear gas which wasn’t used in the first revolution, which causes asphyxiation and which caused the protesters to die in several cases.

–          The police and the army targeted the eyes of protesters which is one of the most prominent phenomena in the two honorable revolutions (The picture shown below, is for the Doctor Ahmed Harara, who lost one of his eyes in the first revolution and the other one in the second…)

–          The SCAF (Security Council of Armed Forces) is very slow in meeting the demands of the protesters; they don’t meet the demands of the protesters except after million-man March demonstrations which proved to the protesters that the SCAF can’t really rule the country and that they are for sure confederating with the old regime.

Even the trials of the old regime didn’t start except after huge demonstrations, the old regime was dealt with very neatly, it was known that the head of the SCAF (Hussein Tantawi) witnessed pro the old regime and the old regime defendants seemed very happy while being put to trial, proving to people that it’s a conspiracy.

–          The huge fortunes of the old regime weren’t returned back, from abroad and from within the country, till that moment.

–          The SCAF stayed for 9 months ruling the country in such a messy way, which made many people doubt their ability to run politics and as if it’s a payback period, what made the case more critical is how they want to force their powers even if we choose a civilian president from the people to rule a civilian country, they made up “El Selmy Communiqué”, just before the second revolution, which are supra-constitutional principles that grant the Egyptian armed forces, political powers, far greater than those given to the parliament or to the president.

–          Members of the NDP (National Democratic Party), which was the ruling party of the Parliament and of the old regime, used their thugs and plots to flare problems which always existed long time before but they flared these problems, with the help of  extremist and violent Egyptians and with the help of the SCAF, after the first revolution, as a plot for them to take revenge, after they were rejected by the people to have any political presence once again, like:

  • Flaring the congestion between the Muslims and the Christians which led to the burning and destruction of churches and a friend of mine saw how thugs destroyed shops of Christians and how the people tried to stop them, after the Maspero clashes, in which the SCAF was accused of using violence and of killing Christian protesters.
  • Hiring thugs to loot shops, scare people and steal their possessions.
  • Using thugs between protesters to kill the protesters, to turn the protests to bloody demonstrations.
  • Flaring problems that always existed, by intensifying their negative impact, like the smuggling of gasoline and selling it in the black market, the thing that led to huge shortage in the supply of gasoline to people, flaring strikes and making the country hard to live in, to show to people how the former President, Hosni Mubarak, was right, when he said, in his last speeches before he was toppled down: “Either me or Chaos” but we Egyptians won’t even think of retuning back to his awful injustice era once again.

All these reasons and much and much more made the Egyptians revolt again, more strongly and firmly, after their predictions came out true that out first revolution was never enough to snatch the country from the jaws of the old corrupted regime.

there were many indications that our first revolution didn’t just end up in 18 days


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